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Let yourself be lulled by this floral aromatic, this country air, made up of freshly cut herbs. You stroll, in a bucolic setting, barefoot through fields, among violets, poppies, mimosa and other small wild flowers. In the distance we cultivate the lime tree. A light wind brushes your face.
Fragrance “Country Weekend”
1 refill of 6 perfume pearls Olfactory duration: 2 months Olfactory family: Aromatic Floral Green Composed with tenderness by Sylvie Jourdet
Top Notes: Basil, Mint, Galbanum, Lavender, Fresh Herbs
Heart Notes: Hyacinth, Mimosa, Linden, Iris, Violet
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Moss, Muskwood

”I wanted to transcribe all the sensations and emotions that my bucolic escapades give me: the green and invigorating notes of fresh herbs, a mixture of basil, mint, lavender and galbanum, softened by the delicacy of flowers such as lime blossom, mimosa , hyacinth, violet. But I also wanted to rediscover the authentic and reassuring notes of wood, earth and moss…“
Sylvie Jourdet

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