product TUTORIAL

How does it work?

We explain everything to you in detail.
Let yourself be guided !


I delicately open the jewel in
turning the top of the medallion
counter clockwise
of a watch


I deposit 3 pearls of perfume
using the pliers in the


I close the jewel,
I can breathe it as soon as
I feel the need


To prolong the olfactory experience:

to relive your olfactory stroll with emotion and intensity, it is advisable to renew the 3 pearls every month.

To preserve the olfactory qualities of your perfume pearls:

it is advisable to put the perfume pearls back in their little box after use and to renew the 3 pearls each month.

Precautions for using perfume pearls:

do not re-scent the pearls with an alcoholic perfume; keep out of reach of children; do not store the capsules or place them near a flame or a heat source; do not put the perfume pearls in contact with water, otherwise the qualities of the product will be altered.

Usage precautions:

Not suitable for children under 6 years old. Not recommended for people with sensitive skin. Discontinue use immediately if signs of irritation or rash occur. If irritation persists seek medical attention immediately.