Our engagements

Âme Buissonnière means creating with love, emotion and responsibility. It's making choices that make sense, it's surrounding ourselves with partners who share our human and social values.

ENCHANT your daily life

Offer you real mood boosters, help you slow down thanks to our emotional perfumes.


Surprise you, amaze you with each of our olfactory creations. Compose with the finest raw materials, whatever their price. The choice of emotion and not of the economic equation.

TRANSPARENCY as an essential

Combining natural and synthetic ingredients to write the most beautiful olfactory stories without lies.

QUALITY, DURABILITY, responsibility

Designing quality rechargeable jewelry to stand the test of time and always be by your side to brighten your days.

Produce in small series to avoid overproduction and overstocking thanks to a short and controlled circuit.

“MADE IN FRANCE” as obvious

Enhance our Bleu-Blanc-Rouge know-how by collaborating with talented French manufacturers, driven by the same approach as us in terms of quality, responsibility and flexibility.

Concretely: Our perfumes are made in Grasse, capital of the world of perfume.

Our jewelry is made in our workshop located in the South of France.

Our packaging is printed in the South of France.

Eco-responsible PACKAGING

Opt for packaging made with recycled paper bearing the FSC label (Certificate guaranteeing sustainable forest management)