One day, I said yes !

After working for many years for big names in beauty: L'Oréal, Yves Rocher, Aptar, I dared to get started!

I let this little inner voice express itself in a notebook of ideas. Words, images, desires have gradually come together. A new playground then opened up to me: perfume .

SKIP SCHOOL …with scent bracelets

This idea, I had it by thinking back to all those times when I felt the urge to skip school. What if...we could escape in an instant...from our couch, our desk, our subway seat.

After months of reflection, I imagined a new definition of perfume: a perfume just for oneself, which one would wear on the wrist to be able to breathe it as soon as one felt the need. A perfume that would take us back to our sweet memories of holidays, romance, childhood...

My dearest wish by embarking on this adventure: to offer you small moments of happiness to find you a climate of inner peace.

truant SOUL?

Skipping school to take care of your soul.

A name that echoes my irresistible need for freedom. A name that resonates like the mischievous authorization to shake up the rules… to (re)choose one's life, to write one's own definition of happiness.


A little hidden corner of Lorraine

The child who drew and dreamed of being a painter

Lover of colors in all their forms

The skin-deep admiration for Nicolas de Staël, Soulages, Zao Wou ki and Kupka

The conscious and unconscious influence of Portugal

Ibiza's carpe diem philosophy

The eternal teenager dancing to the sounds of Michael Jackson, Chico Buarque, Sister Sledge

The aficionada of Italy

The energy and carelessness of Chloé and Théo

MY favorite olfactory WALK?

Too hard to choose!

I put all my heart into making these three walks, both in the perfumes and in the jewel cases that contain them.