I personalize my jewelry




Choose your perfume without making a mistake!

Our 3 perfumes in 1ml format to allow you to find your favorite...

Made In France

Enhance our Bleu-Blanc-Rouge know-how by collaborating with talented French manufacturers, driven by the same approach as us in terms of quality, responsibility and flexibility.

Concretely: Our perfumes are made in Grasse , capital of the world of perfume.

Our jewelry is made in our workshop located in Valence.

Our packaging is printed in the South of France.

A SCENTED walk on the wrist

1. I gently open the jewel by
turning the top of the medallion
counter clockwise
of a watch

2. I place 3 perfume pearls
using the pliers in the

3.I close the jewel,
I can breathe it as soon as
I feel the need

Customers' opinion
Customers' opinion
“I wanted to surprise my wife with an original gift. I gave her the CELESTE bracelet with the perfume PARIS MA BIEN-AIMEE. Challenge won! »
— Baptist
Customers' opinion
“Completely addictive. I keep breathing my olfactory necklace all day long. The PARIS MA BIEN-AIMEE perfume boosts me as soon as I get a little slack”.
— Emmanuelle L.
Customers' opinion
“Throughout my pregnancy, my Week-end champêtre olfactory bracelet never left me. Breathing it reassured me a lot”
— Vesna C.
Customers' opinion
"A brilliant gift idea! My friend was seduced by this incredible concept. Combining jewelry and perfume, she had never seen that"
— Virginia J.
Customers' opinion
“I gave my German correspondent the PARIS MA BIEN-AIMEE olfactory bracelet. Like a little wink from France sent abroad. She was very touched by this unique gift »
— Ariane S.